Navigating Teenage Depression

A guide for parents and professionals

Gordon Parker and Kerrie Eyers
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A comprehensive and authoritative guide to identifying and supporting teenagers with depression.

First symptoms of depression often occur during teenage years, and it can be a disturbing and confusing time for families as well as the teenager themselves. How can you tell whether it's just typical teenage ups and downs that will pass, or something more serious? How can we reliably identify and support teenagers with depression?

Experienced clinician and researcher Gordon Parker explains how to systematically identify different mood disorders and contributing factors. He and co-author Kerrie Eyers explain when clinical treatment is required and outline treatment options. They also discuss the particular challenges faced by adolescents and approaches to effective management.

Drawing on insightful personal accounts from teenagers and young adults about their experiences, and based on extensive clinical research, this is an essential handbook for every parent, carer or professional looking after a young person with depression.

'At last, a sensible, well-written and incisive description of the most common psychiatric disorder in young people: depression.'

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, prominent adolescent psychologist and author

'A ''must'' read for parents and for professionals.'

Professor Sir Michael Rutter, Institute of Psychiatry, London

'It's a map to the maze for us as we attempt to understand the journey we are required to take with the one we love.'


Author bio:

Gordon Parker AO, MD, PhD, DSc, FRANZCP, FASSA is Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales and Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. He is a renowned researcher with over 30 years' experience with mood disorders, and is author of Dealing with Depression: A common sense guide to mood disorders.

Kerrie Eyers MA (Psych), DipEd, MPH, MAPS is a psychologist, teacher and editor with many years' experience in mental health, based at the Black Dog Institute, Sydney.

Gordon Parker and Kerrie Eyers are co-editors of Journeys with the Black Dog and Mastering Bipolar Disorder.

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ISBN: 9781742370781
Awards: Short-listed Human Rights Literature Non-fiction Award 2009 AU
Table Of Contents: FOREWORD

Chapter 1. Navigating The Maze: Three Stories of Teenage Depression

Chapter 2. Background Stresses: Teenagers Shoulder Some Heavy Baggage

Chapter 3. What Depression Feels Like: Young People Describe Its Effects

Chapter 4. Getting To Assessment: Some Ways To Overcome Teenage Reluctance

Chapter 5. Making The Diagnosis: Guidelines For A Systematic Approach

Chapter 6. The Assessment Report: And How Teenagers Adjust To The Diagnosis

Chapter 7. A Quick Look at Treatment and Management: And The Impact Of Personality Style

Chapter 8. Maintaining Good Mental Health: Tips From Teens And Their Supporters

Appendix I. Examining The Use And Effectiveness Of Antidepressants In Teens

Appendix II. Assessing The Risk of Harm In Teenagers With Depression

Appendix III. Teenagers Share Their Most Effective Wellbeing Strategies

Appendix IV. The Mood Assessment Program (MAP)



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Pub Date: October 2009
Page Extent: 240
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