Mastering Bipolar Disorder

An insider's guide to managing mood swings and finding balance

Edited by Kerrie Eyers Gordon Parker
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Personal stories from sufferers of bipolar disorder reveal what it's like on the inside. Their inspiring accounts and wise advice are accompanied by tips from psychiatrists for managing this difficult condition successfully.;

A great insight from a sufferer's perspective I hope people draw strength from reading how others deal with this condition. You can see that it is a constant battle living with bipolar, but with the right help and self-management the disorder can be controlled.'

Andrew Johns, former Australian Rugby League captain

This book takes you inside the experience of learning to tame bipolar disorder. It and offers a message of hope. It is essential reading, not only for health professionals and people with bipolar disorder, but also for those of us who love someone living with this misunderstood condition.'

Julie McCrossin, journalist and broadcaster

Mastering Bipolar Disorder gathers personal stories from the real experts: people with bipolar disorder. They share inspiring and sometimes amusing accounts of their experiences of bipolar episodes, and wise advice on ways of managing the highs and lows on a daily basis.

They cover all aspects of bipolar disorder, from first symptoms and diagnosis, to times when the disorder is more or less under control. They emphasise the importance of personal strategies such as exercise and support networks alongside medication and professional assistance.

With tips from clinicians and the latest research, Mastering Bipolar Disorder offers tested and proven solutions to help everyone with bipolar disorder and their families experience a better quality of life.

Author bio:

Kerrie Eyers is a psychologist, teacher and editor with many years experience in mental health. She is the Publications Consultant at the Black Dog Institute, Sydney and is editor of Tracking the Black Dog .

Gordon Parker AO is Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales and Executive Director of the Black Dog Institute. He is a renowned researcher with over 30 years experience with mood disorders, and is author of Dealing with Depression: A common sense guide to mood disorders .

Kerrie Eyers and Gordon Parker are co-editors with Tessa Wigney of Journeys with the Black Dog: Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel .'

Category: Self-help & practical
ISBN: 9781741755466
Awards: Short-listed Human Rights Medal Literature, Non-Fiction Prize 2008 AU
Table Of Contents: Foreword

On balance: Conjuring the metaphor

1 Triumphs and tumbles: Ups and downs of bipolar disorder

2 Dazzling and daredevil: The spiral of mood elevation

3 Sparkling in the spotlight: Creativity and bipolar disorder

4 Damage control: The fallout from a bipolar high

5 Down to the wire: Responses to diagnosis

6 Perfecting balance: Acting on early warning signs

7 The show must go no: Acceptance of bipolar disorder

8 Handling the songs Medication and mood balance

9 Performance and partnerships : Professionals and risk management

10 The acrobats' pyramid: Family and friends in formation

11 Becoming a ring master: The discipline of self-management

12 Practising the art: Bipolar disorder and the getting of wisdom

Appendix 1

Perfecting the routine: More bipolar control techniques

Appendix 2

The safety net: A wellbeing plan

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: July 2008
Page Extent: 300
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Subject: Self-help & personal development