The Bird Book

A curious compendium of 50 wild birds

Sophie Blackman
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An inspiring introduction to 50 wild birds for mindful post-Covid nature watchers.

Written by vegan wildlife presenter and filmmaker Roxy Furman, and nature writer, poet and film-artist Dr Meriel Lland, this pocket companion for the newbie birdwatcher will introduce you to 50 stunning birds often seen in the UK and Europe.

Birding is one of the biggest trends of the last few years, and whether you live in a high-rise flat or a cabin in the woods, spending time in nature - away from screens - has proven benefits for our wellbeing.

Each illustrated bird comes with a map of where in Europe you're likely to spot it, facts you never knew about each species, and notes on how we can help birds thrive - particularly those under threat.

Whether you spot birds on your commute, cycle rides or weekend adventures, this is the perfect book for mindful nature lovers who want to get outside and look after our planet.

Author bio:

Dr Meriel Lland, recently Creative Writing Programme lead at Manchester Metropolitan University's Cheshire Faculty, is a freelance writer, journalist, filmmaker and natural history photographer. She has worked with BBC Wildlife, RSPB Birds, National Geographic,Birdwatching magazine and the Natural History Museum. As a film-poet engaged by human relationships with the wider natural world, and with birds in particular, her work has been showcased internationally at film and literature festivals.

Meriel is committed to encouraging people of all ages to reconnect with and care for the living planet. She has worked with educational and community groups in the UK, Europe and beyond. Meriel is co-author of 11 books translated into 16 languages, including the Nature Explorer Guide for Kids (QED Publishing), the Wildlife Watcher Guide (Firefly Books) and the Children's Encyclopedia of Animals (Arcturus Publishing).

Meriel has followed scarlet ibis in the Caribbean, tracked ptarmigan in the Cairngorms of Scotland and great grey owls in the Arctic. But it's the birds she spots around the wooded valley she calls home that bring daily happiness, from the goldfinches that flock to the teasel patch to the pair of ravens that dance overhead.
Twitter: @rosadottir

Roxy Furman, also known as Roxy the Zoologist, is a wildlife filmmaker, photographer and presenter. After gaining a first-class BSc in Zoology, and an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, Roxy took up a post as a researcher on a new landmark TV series for Silverback Films, the company behind many of the well-renowned BBC and Disney nature documentaries. Her photography and filmmaking work has been featured by the BBC, BBC Earth, RSPB, the Metro and the Guardian. Her love of birdwatching begun while working as a presenter on a boat in Scotland, when two eagles soared close-by overhead.

Roxy loves nothing more than getting lost in the wilderness with her camera. She sees her work as a form of gentle activism, inspiring others to fall in love with the natural world and act to preserve it. By speaking up for other living things we have the power to create a greener, brighter future.
Instagram @roxythezoologist
Twitter @RoxyZoologist

Nicola Howell Hawley (Illustrator)
Surrey-based artist Nicola Howell Hawley has been creating nature-inspired artwork for several years. Originally graduating with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Reading, in 2015 she set up Howell Illustration, and has since developed a colourful, clean style that playfully blends vintage and contemporary elements.

Having worked as a book editor, a primary school teacher and a bookseller, Nicola now creates illustrations and maps for everything from product packaging to books and websites. She uses a variety of media, including pen and ink, gouache paint and digital techniques. With a love of nature driving everything she does, Nicola is committed to sustainable practices, and her online shop sells only zero-waste products.
Instagram: @howellillustration

Category: Natural history
ISBN: 9781787419742
Publisher: Bonnier
Imprint: Studio
Pub Date: August 2021
Page Extent: 112
Format: Paperback
Subject: Birds (ornithology)