Mind Body Spirit

The Druid Animal Oracle

Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington

AUD $49.99

Consult the animal lore given and interpret the card spreads to gain powerful insights into your life situation and receive positive guidance for the future.

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Beyond Dogma

Dalai Lama XIV

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $35.00

A record of the visions and beliefs of the Dalai Lama, revealed through a series of conversations in which he speaks about the world's current social problems, the path to world peace and the future of the planet.

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Self-hypnosis Step by Step

Dr J. P. Guyonnaud with Giovanni Sciuto

AUD $27.99

Self-hypnosis is the key to managing your health, well-being and life. It can help anyone to cope with the challenges and stresses of everyday life, without the need for drugs or therapy.

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Autogenic Training

Kai Kermani

AUD $29.99

Autogenic training is one of the most powerful techniques ever developed for reducing stress, promoting relaxation and awakening the innate healing power we all possess.

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Signs of the Gods?

Erich von Daniken, translated by Michael Heron

Format: Paperback

AUD $17.99

Erich von Daniken develops his theories that astronauts visited Earth during prehistory. Profusely illustrated, this thought-provoking book adds to the credibility of von Daniken's theories.

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Death is Nothing at All

Henry Scott Holland

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $12.99

A comforting bereavement gift book, consisting of a short sermon from Canon Henry Scott Holland.

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