Great Australian Mysteries

Spine-tingling tales of disappearances, secrets, unsolved crimes and lost treasure

Graham Seal
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Australia's master storyteller Graham Seal brings to life the enigmas and puzzles behind famous unsolved crimes, long-held secrets, buried loot and strange phenomena from the bush and the city.

Australia has always been a land of mysteries. Some are ancient, some are historical, and many continue to perplex us today - and will probably continue to do so tomorrow.

More often than most of us would like to think, things simply vanish, and people disappear without explanation, leaving a trail of heartbreak across generations. Australia also has its fair share of buried loot and fabulous riches gone missing - somewhere.

Master storyteller Graham Seal has gathered mysteries from around Australia. There are riddles of lost explorers, unexplained phenomena, and yarns of fish, frogs or pebbles falling from the sky. There are unsolved crimes and long-held secrets; hidden tunnels and wartime enigmas; and hair-raising tales from the bush and from the city.

'Graham Seal brings to life stories of missing treasures, shipwrecks, First Nation legends, mysterious happenings and the occasional murder… I had often wondered what happened to Cook's vessel the Endeavour, Ned Kelly's skull and The Pyjama Girl's murderer. Graham's book answers most of these queries but, as with any good mystery, raises further questions and makes you think.' - Rob Willis OAM, National Library of Australia Oral History and Folklore Collections

Author bio:

Graham Seal is Emeritus Professor of Folklore at Curtin University. He is a leading expert on Australian cultural history and the bestselling author of Great Australian Stories, Larrikins, Bush Tales and Other Great Australian Stories, Great Australian Journeys, Great Bush Stories, Great Convict Stories and Australia's Funniest Yarns.

Category: Literature & literary studies
ISBN: 9781760879549
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: November 2021
Page Extent: 288
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Anthologies (non-poetry)