Persuading Aristotle

The timeless art of persuasion in business, negotiation and the media

Peter Thompson
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Clear strategies for getting your own way more often than not, from a media-savvy expert on persuasion

'When Peter Thompson, master of the broadcasting art, turns his attention to the nuts and bolts of persuasion, the result is precisely what you d expect: lucid, comprehensive and intensely practical.' Hugh Mackay, Author of The Good Listener

'As soon as you move one step up from the bottom, your effectiveness depends on your ability to reach others through the spoken and written word.' Peter Drucker

In the information age, where the contest of ideas is paramount, being able to get others to accept your idea is what counts between success and failure. Yet the art of persuasion was refined 2000 years ago in the Lyceum of Ancient Greece. There Aristotle, the master of rhetoric, taught the timeless secrets of ethos, logos and pathos.

A modern master of communication, Peter Thompson, rediscovers those secrets and presents them to you in Persuading Aristotle. Principles that you can use day in and day out, every time you face someone who you need to see things your way. Thompson shows you how to draw upon the logic of your argument, your empathy with your audience, your imagination and your credibility, and how to best persuade different types of listeners.

Thompson's simple and elegant style, enlightening examples and practical insights will change the way you think about getting your message across>in presentations, negotiations and the media. You ll be a more confident, strategic persuader, capable of persuading Aristotle himself.

'Competence in public speaking is as essential today as it was for the senators, traders and citizens of ancient Greece. Peter Thompson's Persuading Aristotle is highly recommended ' David Griggs, National President National Speakers Association of Australia

PETER THOMPSON is host of ABC Radio National s breakfast program, and ABC TV s First Wednesday. He has taught communication and negotiation through the Australian Graduate School of Management and to private clients.

Author bio:

PETER THOMPSON is host of ABC Radio National's breakfast program, and ABC TV's First Wednesday. He teaches communication through the Australian Graduate School of Management and to private clients.

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ISBN: 9781864487398
Table Of Contents: 1 How persuasion works: What Aristotle taught

2 Thinking and organising

3 Persuasive language

4 How to persuade different personalities

5 Step-by-step business presentations

6 The astute negotiator

7 Dealing with the media

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