Open Your Mind

The Seven Keys to Thinking Critically

Dr Francesco Sofo
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A simple and effective guide to thinking in new ways.

Open Your Mind is a wake-up call for your brain.

Is your brain on auto-pilot? The way we view the world can become so routine that we stop paying attention to what s really going on around us. We see or do something so frequently that it becomes second nature, and our responses to situations become automatic, rather than thoughtful and considered.

In this practical book, you ll learn the seven keys of critical thinking and put them into practice with simple exercises designed to improve your approach to thinking.

* Rise to the challenge to change your habits and learn how to actively use your mind.

* Become more confident in your own ability to find diverse solutions.

* Identify your own and others assumptions and invent new possibilities.

Don t let life pass you by teach yourself to think outside the box and really engage with life.

'Francesco's passion is to help people reach their fullest potential. What better way to begin than sharing with us his brilliant insights on how to think better? Those of us who follow his lead will find joy not only in the journey but also, as he so aptly puts it, in seeing the world with new eyes. Who wouldn't benefit from that?' - Deborah Koehle, Editor, USA

Author bio:

Throughout his career Francesco Sofo has helped many people improve their capabilities. His work's focus has been on exceptional children and adults. During the past twelve years he has concentrated his energies in the field of adult education and human resource development, teaching adults to become teachers and facilitators of development within the work and life settings of others.

In 1996 Francesco was admitted to the position of Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management where he is a regular speaker. He has been on the editorial board of a number of journals including the Australian Journal of Adult and Community Education. His current position is Head, Human Resource Development Program at the University of Canberra, ACT, Australia.

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Part One: The Seven Keys

Overview of the Seven Keys of thinking critically

Key 1 Enjoy thinking critically

Key 2 Start with basic questions

Key 3 Become an encourager

Key 4 Think critically in a group

Key 5 Become a catalyst

Key 6 Become a poet

Key 7 Become a creator

Turning the Seven Keys

Part Two: Thinking about thinking

1. I think, therefore I am

2. What s your critical thinking profile?

3. A close look at thinking critically

Conclusion: Our thinking is but start dust

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Pub Date: February 2004
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