How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives

Michael Heller, James Salzman
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A Freakonomics-style investigation into the mysteries of ownership, filled with counterintuitive insights and fascinating case studies.

Who controls the space around an aeroplane seat: you or the person behind you trying to work on their laptop? Who owns your favourite football player? And why do Facebook and Google want your private data?

In Mine! Michael Heller and James Salzman reveal the hidden economic and social rules that guide everyday life, demonstrating that much of what we assume about ownership is wrong. Whether a lost wallet, a playground swing or a London flat, Mine! explores what ownership means and why it governs everything we do.

Author bio:

Michael Heller is Professor of Real Estate Law and former Vice Dean for Intellectual Life at Columbia Law School. One of the world's leading authorities on ownership, he is the author of The Gridlock Economy.

James Salzman is Professor of Environmental Law at UCLA School of Law. He has written more than ninety articles and nine books, including Drinking Water.

Category: Business & Management
ISBN: 9781786497789
Publisher: Atlantic
Imprint: Atlantic
Pub Date: June 2021
Page Extent: 336
Format: Book
Subject: Business & management