Job Sharing

Two heads are better than one

Mary O'Hanlon and Angela Morella
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Offers practical advice for those interested in job sharing; covering everything you need to know from exploring the feasibility of sharing a job to convincing your employer and making your flexible working arrangements a success.

Discover the personal and professional benefits of job sharing in the practical and concise guide book.

In today's busy world, most of us are struggling to manage our time between three jobs: work, family and home - let alone finding time for ourselves. If you're looking for a better balance in your life, or a change in the way you manage your career and family life, there is a solution that could work for you: job sharing.

Job sharing comes in many forms. One common approach is where one full-time position is shared by two people working part time. In this practical guide, two people who successfully shared a job for over five years will take you through the steps to:

* find out if job sharing will suit you

* find a compatible job-share partner who is just as hardworking and reliable as you are

* prepare a persuasive proposal to convince your boss of the benefits of job sharing

* learn how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of sharing your position.

Whether you're at the top of the corporate ladder, just starting out or thinking of returning to the workforce after a break, job sharing can provide you with the balance you want in your work and personal life.

Author bio:

Mary O'Hanlon and Angela Morella are executives from a major employer who have been through the process of splitting a senior job in two so they could find more time for the other things in life that are important. They have been through the negotiations, the arguments, the setting up and the set-backs and they have succeeded. They are real examples of how job sharing can actually work even at the top level! Mary and Angela have proven that it is possible to have a successful career and still have time to devote to family and friends.

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Chapter 1 Why job share?

Chapter 2 Know your organisation

Chapter 3 Know yourself

Chapter 4 Implementing job sharing

Chapter 5 Put job sharing to work

Chapter 6 Activities




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Pub Date: July 2003
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