The Science of Hate

How prejudice becomes hate and what we can do to stop it

Matthew Williams
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Why do people commit hate crimes? A world-leading criminologist explores the tipping point between prejudice and hate crime, analysing human behaviour across the globe and throughout history in this vital book.

At what point does prejudice become hate crime?

Hate crimes are spiraling to an all-time high on both sides of the Atlantic, with minorities experiencing the largest increase in hostility towards their race, nationality, sexuality and religion since records began. Whilst recent political turmoil could be a contributing factor to this spike, Professor Matthew Williams shows that there is nothing temporary about the hate that has been stirred up.

Drawing on 20 years of experience as a criminologist studying and interviewing the victims and perpetrators of hate - combining neuroscience, psychology, sociology, computer science and economics - The Science of Hate examines the illusive 'tipping point' at the intersection of prejudice and hate, traversing the globe and reaching back through history, from our tribal ancestors in pre-history to artificial intelligence in the 21st century.

Author bio:

Matthew Williams is Professor of Criminology at Cardiff University, and is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in hate crime. He advises the Home Office, Ministry of Justice and US Department of Justice among others; regularly appears in the media and he has documentary crews knocking at his door. He runs the 'HateLab' which has a £1m grant to assess the impact of national events on levels of hate crime and speech. @MattLWilliams

Category: Sociology
ISBN: 9780571357062
Publisher: Faber
Imprint: Faber Non Fiction
Pub Date: May 2021
Page Extent: 436
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Causes & prevention of crime