Think Like a White Man

A Satirical Guide to Conquering the World . . . While Black

Boule Whytelaw, Nels Abbey
AUD $19.99

A bold, satirical humour book on how to achieve success like a Great White Male, which Benjamin Zephaniah called 'the work of a true mastermind'.

'This book rewarded me with dark, dry chuckles on every page' - Reni Eddo-Lodge

'Hilarious . . . This original approach to discussing race is funny, intellectual and timely' - Independent

'The work of a true mastermind' - Benjamin Zephaniah

I learned early on that, for me as a black professional, to rise through the ranks and really attain power, I needed to adopt the most ruthless of mindsets possible: the mindset of the White Man who would tear your cheek from your face before he even considered turning his one first.

Author bio:

Dr Boule Whytelaw III is the Distinguished Professor of White People Studies at Bishop Lamonthood University and the Deputy Vice Chair of the Centre for (Trying to) Understand White People (CTUWP).

He has written numerous successful TV shows, including Good Cops, Good White Folk and Other Wild Fantasies and Scientific Proof: The White Man's Ice Is Indeed Colder. Since dictating the thesis of Think Like a White Man to Nels Abbey, he has neither been seen nor heard from.

Nels Abbey is a British-Nigerian writer and media executive based in London. This is his first book.

Category: Politics & Government
ISBN: 9781786894403
Publisher: A&U Canongate
Imprint: Canongate PBS
Pub Date: December 2020
Page Extent: 256
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Politics & government