Forty Favours the Brave

Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills
AUD $32.99

From the creators of the hit podcast FORTY come musings, advice and real-life stories on the highs, lows and unexpected delight of life in your forties.

How can I be nearing middle age when twenty-six feels like yesterday? After the craziness of my twenties and hard work of my thirties, what's next? Who am I now that youth is behind me?

These were the questions Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills (aka 'Those Two Girls') asked themselves as they entered a milestone decade - their forties. And they're not alone. The second phase of life can seem daunting. But it's so much more than declining collagen, hormonal upheavals, and a supposed descent into invisibility. There is power in knowing who you are, ditching 'nice' for what's important, and arriving at the stage in your life when you decide rather than 'slide'.

In Forty Favours the Brave, Lise and Sarah, along with women from all walks of life, share insightful tales about entering their forties and beyond: the lessons learned, heartbreaks survived, things they wish they'd known, relationship changes, confidence gained … and the surprising, wondrous joy of life in its second act.

Brimming with wit, honesty and relatable 'aha!' moments, Forty Favours the Brave is the ultimate coming-of-age reading for any woman approaching (or in) her forties.

Author bio:

Blasting onto the Australian media scene in 2017, Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills are a duo with a difference. Their extraordinary friendship and chemistry landed the pair local and national radio shows with the largest broadcast network in the country. Walking the line between smart and irreverent, they've interviewed household names, from formidable politicians to global celebrities, in front of audiences of thousands.

In 2020, the year Lise and Sarah turned forty, they launched the podcast equivalent of a little black book for the middle years, FORTY. Four seasons in, and following much success, FORTY celebrates the life lessons and stories of popular and everyday women in their fifth decade.

Category: Health
ISBN: 9781760686970
Publisher: Bonnier Echo
Imprint: Echo
Pub Date: March 2022
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Medicine