Henry Reynolds
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Australia's best known historian of Aboriginal Australia tells the story of white Australia's encounter with the Aborigines on Australia's moving frontier.

'The frontier settlers have traditionally been seen as explorers, overlanders, pioneers. But they were also revolutionaries.' Three themes run through this book: widespread violence on the frontier, the pervasive impact of racism on colonial society, and the absolute importance of land ownership. Considered together, they provide a picture of the Australian frontier experience as it was revealed in the relations between a new white society and the Aboriginal people. The forces present at the birth of a new society leave a legacy: the past is still alive. This book is about the present as well as about our colonial heritage. '.a remarkable book, not just because it is bulging with new factual material but because Reynolds brings all his scholarship to bear on a single focus. This is history with a moral and urgent purpose.' Peter Read, Aboriginal History Henry Reynolds is a widely acclaimed historian. Among his other books are Dispossession (1989) and Fate Of A Free People (1995). His most recent book is Aboriginal Sovereignty (1996).

Author bio:

Henry Reynolds is the widely-acclaimed author of six books on the history of Aboriginal Australia. Two of his books, The Other Side Of The Frontier (1981) and Law Of The Land (1988) have won major awards. Among his other books are Dispossession (1989), Fate Of A Free People (1995) and Aboriginal Sovereignty (1996).

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ISBN: 9781864481914
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgements Introduction PART ICONFLICT 1Unrecorded Battlefields 2Deeds of Blood 3Generations Hardened Against the Natives PART IIIDEOLOGY 4Black Brothers 5Savages PART IIITHE LAND 6The Rights of the Soil 7This Whispering in our Hearts Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index
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Pub Date: August 1996
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