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Hong Kong Food City by Tony Tan

In Hong Kong Food City, Tony imparts his incredible knowledge of the dynamic cultural landscape of a city whose Chinese roots are also intertwined with deep colonial connections back to England. Equally at home with some of the best dim sum in the world and English high tea, Hong Kong-ers are a sophisticated lot. As such, Hong Kong’s food scene is not only exciting but it's one of the only places in the world where you can enjoy true Michelin star food at an affordable price.

The first book to look at the Hong Kong food scene from all perspectives, Hong Kong: Food City is a comprehensive book that not only contains approachable authentic recipes but provides the background to the eclectic food scene via an explanation of history, culture, cooking styles and social norms. It’s 80 recipes are inspired by the island’s dishes, from the Peninsula Hotel and the stalls of the night markets, to the high-end restaurants of the Grand Mandarin Oriental and a legendary dumpling house on the edge of Kowloon. With chapters including starters, soups and cold dishes, dim sum and seafood, Tony Tan’s recipes range from the classic sweet and sour soup and seaweed salad with sakura shrimp to bang bang chicken and the delicious Korean spicy pork wraps. By outlining the basic pantry necessary for cooking his recipes and using flavours from across Hong Kong, Tan takes the reader on a culinary adventure that will educate their palate and give them the skills to create Chinese food at home.

Part food immersion, part travel experience, Hong Kong Food City extends beyond the recipes as it offers stories of chopstick etiquette and tea houses, and explains how Hong Kong became the city it is today. In combination with the stunning shots of the city’s streets, galleries, restaurants and famous light show, these stories create a window into the culinary culture of Hong Kong making it accessible and enticing to all.

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Vegetarian by Alice Hart

Whether you are strictly vegetarian, trying to eat less meat or just searching for enticing vegetable dishes, this little book has 70 perfectly crafted recipes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Included are tips for choosing herbs and cooking with legumes, handy basic recipes for sauces, salsas and vegetable sides, and step-by-step recipes for making nut milks, labne and tofu.

Alice’s delicious recipes include everything from starters, snacks, breakfast and brunch to lunch, soups and salads, and even fine dining dishes and gorgeous desserts with contributions from top chefs Stéphane Reynaud, Skye Gyngell, Rowley Leigh, Francesco Mazzei and Tom Pemberton. Snack on Alice's Roasted red pepper and goat's cheese bites and Silverbeet mini muffins; Lunch on Summer Minstrone or perhaps a Toasted goat’s curd and charred tomato panini; dine on Cumin potato skins and guacamole salsa; and whip up a quick No knead sourdough so you can enjoy freshly made bread rather than unsatisfying shop-bought loaves.

Alice Hart's cookbook Vegetarian is packed full of easy, healthy vegetarian recipes using fresh and seasonal ingredients, to inspire you in the kitchen.

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Smart Baby Cookbook by Lauren Cheney

When chef mum Lauren Cheney’s son Oscar was born prematurely at 32 weeks with a rare and life-long immune disorder, she was told he had the rare life-long autoimmune disease Pulmonary Lymphangiectasia and just 5% chance of survival. If he did survive, it was likely that he would suffer cognitively and mentally, and would spend most of his time in hospital. Lauren felt helpless, but when Oscar reached six months she threw herself into researching the thing she knew best - food. Gathering advice from her son's many doctors, immune specialists around the country, and reading the latest research into nutrition for the immune health and brain health of infants, Lauren developed a food plan and recipes that she hoped would build Oscar’s immune system to make him stronger.

The recipes you will find in this cookbook saved Oscar’s life. Whilst most people diagnosed with this disease don’t live beyond 7, Oscar is classed as a miracle child by his immune specialist team. A neuroscientist has even confirmed that Oscar has an IQ 2 years higher than most children his age, something that Lauren could scarcely believe as most children born with Oscar’s immune disease are expected to struggle cognitively and mentally. Smart Baby Cookbook is the result of Lauren’s research on how the brain and immune system can be boosted through food. The book contains meal planners organised by the baby’s growth, age and stages of development, the science behind smart foods and their effects on immunity and cognitive function, and recipes designed for maximum nutrient value. The recipes include many redesigned family favourites (such as fish fingers, lemon chicken and osso buco) and feature both adult and child versions of the same dish. In combination with the low prep time, the adult and child friendly recipes mean less time spent in the kitchen, making nutritious meals easy and accessible for the busy budget-conscious family. Split into chapters, Lauren will take you through recipes suitable for First tastes and purees to recipes for 6-9 months, 9-12 months and Toddlers as well as including meal plans to get you started. So get your baby weaning on Roasted ratatouille and Lauren’s much-need recipe for ‘A Good Night’s Sleep’; Whip up delicious Pear porridge and Five-A-Day No-Crust Pie at 6-9 months; Make Lemon herb fishcakes with avocado citrus sauce and Yoghurt and blueberry pikelets at 9-12 months; and get cooking Baked carbonara with a twist and Better-for-you bangers and mash once your little one hits the toddler stage.

Endorsed by medical practitioners, Smart Baby Cookbook stands alone in its focus on baby brain health and food, as Lauren Cheney offers parent-tested recipes to give every baby the best start in life.

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