November 2017 titles for Murdoch Books


November 2017 titles

Hummus & Co by Michael Rantissi and Kristy Frawley

Growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel, Michael Rantissi’s experience of food has always been one that is shared with others. At dinner there would have always been hummus, chopped vegetables and at least one or two meat or fish dishes and plenty of salads. Vegetables weren’t a punishment but a reward. Nothing was individually portioned – everyone helped themselves and it was social and relaxed.

In Hummus & Co, Michael and his wife Kristy, hope to bring the spirit of preparing and eating Middle Eastern food the traditional way to a UK audience. With over 140+ recipes for fresh greens, vegetables, grains, fish, chicken and meat, the dishes in Hummus & Co are bursting with flavour - perfect for a lazy weekend brunch, a family barbeque with fresh, bountiful salad vegetables and legumes, or a Sunday slow-roasted, cumin and coriander spiced lamb shoulder, with Persian cranberry rice pilaf and tangy vegetables. There are midweek dishes that the family will love – cook-ahead Moussaka or Persian meatball soup, and plenty of dips, relishes, rubs and spreads from Israel, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey that turn a simple piece of fish or meat into a feast for the senses. There are authentic teas and sweet treats that are beyond dreamy – Persian love cake, Candied sesame seed bars, Pistachio and rosewater cake with plums and mascarpone. Possibly most sublime of all, there are incredible vegan and vegetarian dishes that bring vegetables front and centre – why eat plain veg when you can choose from Green beans with goat’s cheese, almonds and a spritz of lemon juice, or Steamed leeks with spinach and haloumi, Broccolini pangrattato, Scorched onions with pomegranate molasses and haloumi or an Asparagus, pea and feta tart?

And of course there’s the perfect hummus recipe, guaranteed to bring everyone to the table. Come sit down, you’re invited.

Click here for sample recipes from Hummus & Co


Bourke Street Bakery by Paul Allam and David McGuinness

Anybody can find a recipe for brownies these days but can you guarantee that it will use the best possible ingredients to make the chocolate brownies of your dreams? Paul Allam and David McGuinness’ All Things Sweet is not just any cookbook but the baking book you need on your kitchen shelf to create the most incredible pastries, cakes, tarts, cookies and confectionary imaginable.

Representing years of testing, adapting and refining of the recipes, All Things Sweet is comprised of ten chapters (Cakes and Muffins; Cookies and Biscuits; Sweets; Sweet Pastry Doughs; Tarts; Sweet, Sweet Pies; Puff Pastries; Choux Pastries; Croissant Pastries; Brioche and Sweet Breads) of delicious recipes that promise to deliver the very best results, using the very best ingredients. Whip up a Flourless Mocha and Hazelnut Cake for that charity bake sale and grab an Apple, Bran and Sour Cherry Muffin as you run out the door for breakfast; impress your guests at your dinner party with Ginger brulee tarts and top off that Sunday lunch with Pain au chocolat bread and butter pudding; complete the kid’s party table with Marshmallows and Rocky Road and get festive with Gingerbread men biscuits, Christmas fruit mince pies and Christmas cake.

Complete with advice, tools, step-by-step photography and trouble-shooters, All Things Sweet is the must-have comprehensive baking guide for every occasion

Click here for sample recipes from Bourke Street Bakery


Your Best Home by Joe Snell

This ‘manual for a better life’ is all about getting back to the basics of good shelter. It’s a guide to help you apply and optimise the five fundamental factors in home design - space, air, light, view and sound - to the five most common spaces in all our homes - entry, living area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In engaging, informed and accessible text supported by stunning photography, practising architect Joe Snell shows how to get the fundamentals right in order to lead a fulfilling, healthy and happy life in your home. Your spaces will provide renewed inspiration and your styling and accessories will have meaning and substance.

Your Best Home provides the tools and information for you to affect positive change in your own living environment, at your own pace, and within a budget.