October 2017 titles for Murdoch Books


Use Stephane Reynaud's One Knife, One Pot, One Dish to cook delicious yet simple French dishes at home; get your hands dirty in the kitchen with British chef Tom Kime's irresistable sweet and sour Thai recipes from Thai Food Made Easy; and get in the festive mood by pouring over the gorgeous pages of New York Christmas, which contains New York Christmas favourites from Chocolate Babka and Candy Cane Cupcakes to Eggnog and Parsnips with Browned Butter, Hazelnuts and Thyme. We also have the fabulous cookbook One Pan Roasts so you can embrace the colder weather with some easy tray roast recipes that have you enjoying your dinner or lunch rather than being stuck by the sink washing up, and Victor Garnier Astorino's Los Angeles Cult Recipes which celebrates the fantastic, diverse food culture in LA, from it's Mac n Cheese pizza and Kimchi nachos to its Kale smoothie and California roll. Finally, try your hand at fermenting with Holly Davis accessible cookbook Ferment, the only guide you need to make fermented foods and drinks at home.

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One Knife, One Pot, One Dish by Stephane Reynaud

Stéphane Reynaud is back on the food scene – specifically the London-food scene – with his restaurant Tratra having opened at the Boundary Hotel in Shoreditch in May, serving traditional French food with a twist. Now, in his highly-anticipated cookbook, Stéphane instils the same attitude into his recipes, putting modern, delicious French dishes on the table.

Paired with stunning photography, One Knife, One Pot, One Dish contains more than 160 recipes with dishes for fish, meat, egg, cheese and vegetables that are perfect for friends and family. These recipes are simple, accessible and contain fresh ingredients that can be put together without a fuss and can happily simmer away in the background so you can concentrate on relaxing rather than getting all hot and bothered in the kitchen. Ranging from Stéphane’s Salt-crusted sea bass with basil and dill and One-pot lamb shoulder casserole with carrots and onions to Baked cauliflower with lemon mascarpone and Pineapple clafoutis, One Knife, One Pot, One Dish finally puts French cooking back on the menu for anyone and everyone.

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Los Angeles Cult Recipes by Victor Garnier Astorino

Los Angeles is a city that lets people live their dreams. It is in the manners and attitudes and the heart of its economy, living to the beat of the film, television and music industry. It works itself into the diversity of its landscapes: from the enormous freeways, to the heights of Hollywood, where a few minutes’ walk takes you outside civilisation. And it fully comes into its own on the Pacific Coast Highway, which runs alongside the massive, powerful and omnipresent ocean…

It is no surprise that a city that inspires dreams is also a home to some of the most creative and diverse foods imaginable, from well-known foods such as Lobster roll, Beef udon and Acai breakfast bowl to Mac and Cheese pizza, Kimchi nachos, Avocado cheese burgers and Alcohol-free decaf tiramisu. Los Angeles Cult Recipes captures snapshots of this glittering city with eclectic tastes from West Los Angeles, Downtown, Hollywood, Venice, Silverlake, China Town and more. Victor Garnier gives recipes for chili hot dogs like you’ve never tasted before; granola, lobster rolls, French-style tacos, fro-yo, kale pizza, Fried chicken sandwich and spicy strawberry jam and shrimp pad thai. 

From food trucks and vegan coffee shops, doughnuts, hot dogs and noodles, to the original Californian roll – LA is where food fusion began and Victor Garnier’s Los Angeles Cult Recipes is a culmination of the recipes that will transport you to the best of the LA food scene from your very own kitchen.

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Thai Food Made Easy by Tom Kime

The myth of Thai cooking is that its exotic secrets are hard to master and out of reach for the every day cook. Instead, most of us settle for a cheap takeaway, which seems like a good idea at the time but is usually disappointing. British chef Tom Kime’s Thai Food Made Easy is here to show you that cooking authentic Thai food at home is actually relatively simple, and whilst we envision long-hours in the kitchen it’s really just a matter of preparation. 

Every recipe in Thai Food Made Easy has been specifically mastered to get the vital balance of taste which makes Thai food so delicious. In Thailand this is called ‘ROT CHART’, where the key taste groups hot, salty, sour and sweet are enhanced and defined in perfect balance with one another. Each recipe in Thai Food Made Easy balances these tastes in every mouthful and every dish to give your taste buds a firework display of sensations. In the first chapters of the book, Tom explains the vital ingredients for Thai cooking as well as 15 must-have herbs and spices to stock your cupboard with. In the second half, Tom takes you through his mouth-watering recipes categorised under Snacks and finger foods; Salads; Slow-roast, smoking grill & hot wok; Fish & seafood; Curries & soups; Rice noodles & sides; and desserts and drinks. This is where you learn to cook Thai classics like Crispy chicken spring rolls with chilli & ginger, Massaman curry with spiced braised beef and Spiced banana fritters as well as more adventurous dishes like Tom’s Slow-roasted pork shoulder with coriander, tamarind & chilli, Hot and sour orange curry and Pad ki mow (Spicy beef noodles with kaffir lime leaves). Lastly, in the basics section Tom guides you through the key recipes you can’t live without, from dressings, curry pastes and sticky rice to chillies, relishes and pickles. 

Thai Food Made Easy is a revolutionary book which brings Thai food effortlessly to the table in a way that has never been done before.

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Ferment by Holly Davis

In Ferment, wholefood pioneer Holly Davis shares familiar and lesser-known recipes, as well as the wisdom and experience accumulated over 40 years of teaching fermentation techniques around the world. Her gentle and thorough guidance guarantees you will find a place in your home for one or more ferments that make your heart and stomach sing. With each chapter focussing on a different aspect of fermenting, Ferment is the perfect go-to guide that you can dip in and out of depending on your mood and what you fancy rustling up in the kitchen. The first chapter ‘Activate’ teaches you how to learn to unlock the goodness of nature’s foods and use them in recipes like Holly’s dish for Black turtle beans with smoky chipotle creamed corn. In the next chapter, learn to ‘Capture’ naturally occurring micro-organisms to make Kimchi and Finger lime and green mango chutney. Moving on to ‘Steep’, Holly explains how to use brine to enjoy recipes such as Brined beetroot with orange and juniper and Quick pickled cucumber and radish.  ‘Infuse’ explains  how we can use a starter to make amazing health-boosting drinks like Saffron, maple and vanilla kefir milk fizz as well as delicious desserts like Filmjölk ice cream with persimmon and honey. By employing microbes rustle up naturally leavened foods, ‘Leaven’ details how to make a sourdough starter and use it to make a Versatile spelt sourdough, and in ‘Incubate’, learn how to monitor the temperature of certain foods to create your very own Labneh and Feta. Lastly, ‘Cure’ explores the process of preserving vegetables, meat, fish or tofu with salt or a previously made (or purchased) ferment so you can stock your cupboards with Rice bran pickles and Misozuke Tofu.

All of Holly’s recipes show how fermenting is wholly accessible and can be used in a variety of different ways to create delicious dishes from starters and mains to snacks and desserts. Ferment is a must have for the curious and those wishing to better understand how and why to embrace the ancient art of culturing and eating these foods.

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New York Christmas by Lars Wentrup and Lisa Nieschlag

Who doesn’t dream of a getaway to magical New York in the pre-Christmas period? When coloured lights decorate the buildings down snowy 5th Avenue, Jingle Bells rings out everywhere, people laugh hand-in-hand as they ice-skate around the Christmas tree at the Rockerfeller Center, and culinary delicacies tempt you to indulge at every window?

In New York Christmas, Lisa Neischlag and Lars Wentrup bring a New York Christmas to your kitchen with 50 recipes to cover every seasonal occasion. In the first chapter, roll up your sleeves and get stuck into some ‘Christmas Baking’ with recipes for Candy cane cupcakes, Snowcaps, and Lemon tartlets with pistachio meringue. In ‘Winter Brunch’, indulge in a leisurely breakfast of Cornbread muffins with parmesan and sesame, Pancakes with maple syrup and cinnamon butter, and Sweet bread with orange zest. In ‘Happy Holidays’, Lisa and Lars include classic New York recipes for burgers, soul food and cakes so you can whip up a Reuben sandwich, Pumpkin Pie and Gingerbread cake with frosting. You can plan your starter, main and dessert for Christmas day with the wide selection of dishes in ‘Christmas Dinner’ (think Spicy pumpkin soup with ginger cream, Parsnips with browned butter, hazelnuts and thyme and Glazed pork roast). Lastly, Lisa and Lars have you covered for ‘New Year’s Eve’ with delicious appetisers, popcorn and drinks from Cranberry Gin Fizz & Sidecar and Eggnog to Sweet potato crisps, Thyme & salt bread sticks and Chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Interspersed with a host of lovely Christmas stories from the Big Apple, New York Christmas allows you to experience your very own White New York Christmas without even stepping on a plane.

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One Pan Roasts by Molly Schuster

Getting a warm, healthy dinner on the table isn’t always easy. Cobbling something together can seem too difficult and tiring after a long day’s work. One Pan Roasts, however, aims to change all that. With just one cooking vessel and the versatile power of an oven, this book is full of simple, delicious meals that allows you to put your feet up and relax whilst the oven does most of the work. 

Covering a wide spectrum from simple, fresh dishes that come together in minutes to slow, hearty braises that work away in the oven all afternoon, you will be able to find a recipe no matter your time frame. Split into the chapters meat, seafood, vegetables, desserts, snacks and appetisers and simple sides, Molly has every aspect covered so you can easily rustle up veggie Stuffed Portobello mushrooms with a side of Herbed farro, thrill guests with Grilled duck with apples and onions and a dessert of Vanilla roasted apricots and enjoy Pancetta chicken with the family on a weeknight. Every recipe is designed to take away the stress of cooking so you can concentrate on sharing food with your loved ones and reflect on your day. 

Whether a quick or slow-cooking recipe, the unifying factors remain the same; with only a handful of ingredients and limited hands-on cooking time, the recipes in One Pan Roasts allows you to put together delicious meals without too much work or hassle.

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