September 2017 titles for Murdoch Books

Find out how you can optimise your brain health through your diet with Better Brain Food; learn how to understand and enjoy wine through the prism of your own preferences with This Is Not A Wine Guide; and jump on the new wave of artisan pizza with Stefano Manfredi's New Pizza.Sept 2017 banner

Better Brain Food by Ngaire Hobbins and Michelle Crawford

In the UK 850,000 people suffer from dementia, and it is on the rise; on average we are living 20 years longer than our grandparents, increasing the likelihood that we will develop dementia at some stage in our lives. With lifelines increasing, looking after our brains is more important than ever and in recent years, a lot of research has been undertaken so we can understand what food and lifestyle changes help to promote brain health and the slow decline of dementia.

In Better Brain Food, dietician Ngaire Hobbins explains that in her experience, many elderly patients’ cognitive decline could have been mitigated if they had eaten better 3 or 5 years prior. There is something we can do and, as always, prevention is key for people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. Based on sound scientific research, Better Brain Food is the up-to-date guide to eating for brain health and avoiding decline. Covering kitchen staples that boost brain health and quick-meal tricks, Ngaire includes 70 nutritious and achievable recipes from Michelle Crawford which are designed to keep your brain healthy at the same time as satisfying your taste buds. Michelle’s recipes are also designed for individuals, couples and families so you can cook mindfully in every situation. Cook for one or two with delicious recipes like Michelle’s Red potato and ricotta pancake with smoked salmon and quick pickled radish; power yourself up with quick dishes like Spiced lamb cutlets with lemony chickpea and tomato salad and Pan-fried fish with butter, peas, leek, lemon and almonds; and treat yourself to a slice of Fig and apricot tart with cardamom maple cream.

Better Brain Food is a delicious, must-have book for everyone looking to live a long, healthy life.

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This Is Not A Wine Guide by Chris Morrison

This Is Not A Wine Guide is the much-needed book that reflects the contemporary wine marketplace and the changing tastes of a highly informed and experience-driven wine drinker. Restaurants and wine bars have become the new social rituals for diners and drinkers. The reality that consumers can and will learn more about wine in the context of food and dining has finally arrived.

However, many people are nervous and fearful when it comes to choosing wine. Chris Morrison is adamant that understanding wine should not entail being bogged down in jargon and pretension and techno speak. This Is Not A Wine Guide is about helping you to understand and enjoy wine through the prism of your own preferences – how you like to eat, cook and entertain. Chris Morrison takes his sommelier skill set and translates it into a comprehensive guide that you can apply to any lifestyle, taste and budget. It will teach you how wine gets its colour, why some wines age better than others and why alcohol percentages can’t be trusted, as well as numerous other helpful notes to bring to the table.


New Pizza by Stefano Manfredi

Pizza is probably the world’s most popular fast food and wherever it has gone, it has taken on the characteristics of its new home. While Italy, and more precisely Naples, is where it all began, there’s no doubt that pizza now belongs to the world. But something exciting is happening in pizza’s spiritual home and its much like the recent movement away from industrial white bread towards artisan loaves with natural leavening and specialist flours. This movement is what Stefano Manfredi calls the ‘new wave’ of pizza which is a look back as well as a step forward. ‘New wave’ pizza-making is a movement that returns to pizza’s origins before industrial flour milling, while at the same time using modern advances in stone milling, machinery and oven technologies.

In his book New Pizza, award-winning chef Stefano Manfredi takes pizza back to its roots. He uses stoneground, unbleached, wholewheat flour and tried-and-tested methods for kneading and proving pizza dough, showing step by step how to create the healthiest, tastiest base for your pizza. Next comes an incredible range of toppings – the classics like Margherita or Seafood pizza and then a delicious range of new styles including Lamb belly, ricotta and Mediterranean herbs, Pickled lettuce, capers, olives and tomatoes, Roman pizza with figs, prosciutto and balsamic, the amazing Peking duck roll pizza, Fried pizza with pork belly, ricotta and provola and delightfully named Pillow of dreams, a chocolate indulgence dessert pizza. To top it off, there are features with five of Naples’ finest pizza chefs and sprinkled throughout are stunning shots of the beautiful city of Naples, the local growers and their produce.

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