August 2017 titles for Murdoch Books

August 2017 titles

It's all about hearty appetites this August: "Tuck In" with Ross Dobson's recipes that are designed to be devoured whether it's a Parmesan, tequila and lime pork or Butterscotch pudding; Embrace the meat and fire up the grill with "Hardcore Carnivore" Jess Pryles recipes for Prosciutto-wrapped chicken with browned sage butter and Blue cheese, date and bacon bites; and "Cook Fast, Eat Well" with Sue Quinn's five ingredient dishes that will be on the table in no more than ten minutes, whether you're making Avocado pesto gnocchi or Caramel chew ice cream.

Tuck In by Ross Dobson

If you have a hearty appetite then Ross Dobson’s Tuck In is the new recipe book for you.

Some food can only be eaten and enjoyed in a certain way. I mean, how do you eat a bacon and egg roll, a pulled pork sandwich or a fried schnitzel? This food isn't daintily nibbled at or elegantly picked apart. It is devoured, wolfed down and gobbled up.

Ross Dobson’s Tuck In is the perfect book for anybody with a hearty appetite that will only settle for hearty food. Here are approachable, informal and satisfying recipes you and your family and friends can really tuck in to. Covering Monday to Friday with dishes like Easy Jalfrezi and Penne rigate with bacon, cauliflower and gorgonzola; Recipes for the Barbeque like Chilli jam chicken with grilled greens and Lamb sticks With home-made labneh; Around-the-world dishes such as Lamb Khoresh and Bobotie; Recipes for a crowd like Parmesan, tequila and lime pork; and sweet desserts like Butterscotch pudding and Caramel and banana trifle, Ross has you covered for every situation.

Tuck in!

Click here for sample recipes from Tuck In

Hardcore Carnivore by Jess Pryles

Meet Jess Pryles, the female “hardcore carnivore” breaking the male stereotype when it comes to the meat industry

Have you ever stood in the meat aisle of the supermarket puzzling over the selection of meat, not quite sure what cut you should be cooking with? Jess Pryles did the exact thing for years, too scared to buy expensive cuts because she wasn’t sure how to cook them even though she loved the taste of meat. Today, Jess Pryles couldn’t be farther from that person standing confused in the meat aisle. Having spent years educating herself in the field of meat Jess knows exactly how to cook it, where it comes from, which are the best tasting cheap cuts and which cuts are worth spending extra money on. She is an expert in everything to do with meat and her cookbook Hardcore Carnivore is a culmination of her vast meat-knowledge and we promise that her mouth-watering recipes will have you raring to get yourself in the kitchen or firing up the barbecue.

In the first part of the book, Jess divulges all of her knowledge when it comes to choosing, preparing and cooking meat, from the importance of temperature and the alchemy of salt to types of smokers and how to cut, butterfly and truss a loin. Jess even takes you through the process of grinding your own burgers and the key condiments to compliment your meat. In the second half of the book, Jess will wow you with her amazing recipes for Chicken, Game, Pork, Lamb, Beef as well as delicious sides that will complete your plate. Pair Jess’s Prosciutto-wrapped chicken with browned sage butter with Fat-roasted potatoes; organise a feast of Blue cheese, date and bacon bites, Patty melt pretzel buns and Char-sui skewers; put a dinner of Rice and Gravy on the table for the family with a side of Jalapeno cornbread; and go all out with a Barbecued pulled pork sandwich with Beer battered onion rings.

Jess Pryles Hardcore Carnivore is the must-have cookbook for any carnivore looking for meat-spiration and the desire to learn about the meat you eat.

Cook Fast, Eat Well
by Sue Quinn

Cook Fast, Eat Well is an absolute must-have for anybody looking to prepare delicious recipes from a trusted UK author in as little time as possible.

While many cookbooks and cooking shows would have us think that cooking dinner involves long lists of ingredients and several hours of commitment in the kitchen, UK author and food journalist Sue Quinn proves that it really doesn't have to be that way. Cook Fast, Eat Well is a must-have book for those wanting to prepare wonderful food quickly and easily with a handful of well-chosen ingredients.

Tip One: Keep your pantry stocked with fresh pasta, jars of marinated vegetables, frozen fruit, punchy sauces, cans of passatta and excellent stock cubes or bouillon powders - all great short-cut ingredients that mean you can cook speedily without compromising on flavour. Tip Two: assemble all your ingredients and cooking utensils before you start cooking. Tip 3: practice makes perfect so the more you cook these recipes, the quicker you’ll become.

With 160 recipes altogether, from plates to share and light bites, salads and soups, to pasta dishes, to meat, poultry and seafood dishes and of course, desserts, Sue Quinn promises that you can have a dish on the table in 10 minutes using just 5 ingredients. So get cooking Sue’s Spicy halloumi burger or her Avocado pesto gnocchi and start dunking Garlic tortilla chips into Black bean and harissa dip and Taramasalata; whip up a quick family dinner of Chicken curry with naan bread; and sate your sweet tooth with Caramel chew ice cream or White chocolate and blueberry mousse.