Our Q&A with Caroline Khoo

 Caroline Khoo

Hi Caroline, congratulations on the world publication of I’m Just Here for Dessert! Your cookbook stems from your experience of starting your dessert-business Nectar and Stone from scratch. What advice would you give to anybody looking to start their own food business?

I think the most important things to start with is to have a good sense of what your style is, who your target clientele would be, how big you want your business to be and a business plan – financials are very important especially if you want it to be full time.

You have created desserts for high-profile businesses like Tiffany & Co, Dior and Christian Louboutin, from waffles and ice creams to donuts and cocktails. What has been your favourite project so far, and why?
My favourite project to date would actually be working on my first book. I have very much enjoyed working for high profile companies also, but I feel that my book has been able to give back to my community who have supported me so much.

All of the desserts in the book look absolutely delicious and we love the names and ideas behind your recipes, from your Donut Worries doughnuts to your Eeni mini ganache top hats. Where do you get your inspiration from?
A lot of my inspiration comes from my day to day activities, things that are of personal interest, fashion, flowers and art. I often will hold onto thoughts in my head or write them down and they kinda stay there for a really long time – weeks to months brewing. Eventually something triggers the idea further and then I start working on a plan and design for what I want to create.

In the book, you say that your desserts tell a story. Why is that important?
Yes absolutely, desserts do tell a story and are a journey. They represent a lot of who the dessert maker is and what they are trying to say, express, and experience through it. I think that this really important because we eat with our eyes and that already activates the start of the journey.

Which recipes from the book are the biggest hit with your customers?
My customers usually order desserts for a table – so this would include macarons, cupcakes, eeni mini ice-creams, meringues and usually a very large cake to go with it.

Your Instagram feed is literally to-die-for. What are you top tips when it comes to taking a successful photo for social media? It’s much harder than it looks…
Taking time to really capture the beauty of your dessert through good photos. I think it is really important to showcase your work and take care with how you present it.

We’ve seen unicorn food, freak shakes, skillet cookies and mini-everything! What’s the next dessert-trend we should be looking out for?
Yes all those are really fun trends, I think abstract art is a trend that we will be seeing more of.

Lastly, if you were stuck on an island and you could only eat one of your desserts for the rest of time, which would it be?
Macarons – they are truly the best thing when made fresh and you can change the flavours and make it completely different.

You can learn more about I'm Just Here for Dessert by clicking here.