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We are so incredibly excited about our gorgeous May titles which cater for just about everyone. Feed the little ones and the family with the recipes from Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow and slow everything down and bring yourself back to the present with Dr Diana Korevaar's Mindfulness for Mums and Dads. Rustle up some quick and easy Japanese dishes with The Little Japanese Cookbook and learn how to Cook with Love with Pete Evans. And lastly, get outside and dine al fresco with Lucio Galletto and David Dale's Mediterranean cookbook Coastline and Makkie Mulder's Salads All Year Round. Oh, and don't forget to hop on the plant-based Unicorn food trend with Taline Gabrielien's much-awaited cookbook Hippie Lane


Coastline: The food of Mediterranean Spain, France and Italy by Lucio Galletto and David Dale

Despite having different cultures and dialects, Spain’s east coast, France's south coast and Italy's west coast all have in common one thing: a love for food. Think a drizzle of olive oil, fresh seafood, and flavoursome garlic, pulses, herbs and vegetables that contribute effortlessly to a healthy lifestyle.

Lucio Galletto and David Dale’s Coastline is a stunning collection of stories, debates, beautiful images and delicious Mediterranean recipes covering salads, pasta sauces, pizza and pies, soups and stews, feasts and desserts from the fishing villages, farms and cobbled squares around the golden crescent. Woven through the recipes and stories, Lucio and David debate who does what better so you know exactly where to visit when you travel to the Mediterranean. Discover whether Marseilles, Valencia or Genoa cook up the best Bouillabaise; where you can find the most delicious pesto (is it Italy, France or Spain?); and where to source the finest ratatouille (Provence, Liguria or Catalonia?). Each recipe is inspired by traditional dishes plucked straight from Mediterranean towns and communities. Learn to cook up Pizza al’Andrea which is topped with tomatoes and anchovies; Pisciarada (Potato and parmesan pie); Suquet of shrimp with toasted almond sauce (fish stew from Costa Brava); Red mullet with potatoes and onions (Cassis); and Bunuelos (bunyols/beignets/zeppole) donuts with aniseed.

Whether you’re planning a holiday to the Mediterranean or not, Coastline is an absolute essential for any home cook who enjoys the flavoursome dishes of the Mediterranean and wishes to replicate them at home.

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Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow by Amie Harper

We all know that fresh fruit and vegetables are essential to a balanced diet, which is why nutritionists advise us to ‘eat the rainbow’ when it comes to our food. The best chance we have of our children eating well is if they’re introduced to a range of colours, flavours and textures as infants. In this follow-up to Baby Pip Eats, nutritionist, recipe developer and food stylist Amie Harper does exactly that, offering a charming collection of recipes and ideas for serving delicious dinners that your little one will adore.

Start the day with Pinky Porridge, munch on Broccoli and Zucchini Fritters, feast on Mini Moussakas and finish off dinner with Blueberry Ice Cream. Not only does Amie show us fun and exciting recipes which will be a hit with all the family, she also includes all the nutritional information you could possibly want so you know exactly what you are giving your children.

Little Pip Eats the Colours of the Rainbow is a must-have for parents wishing for healthy and easy recipe ideas.

Click here for sample recipes from Little Pip Eats the Colour of the Rainbow


Mindfulness for Mums and Dads: Proven strategies for calming down and connecting by Dr Diana Korevaar

This is the book on the ground-breaking science of mindfulness that every parent needs by their side. This beautifully illustrated handbook contains 25 short lessons in being present, avoiding reactivity, and learning to connect deeply in your relationships with your children and partner. Perinatal psychiatrist Dr Diana Korevaar provides instruction for formal meditation in practice, as well as case studies drawn from her own work with parents who have found ways to integrate mindfulness into their lives.

Mindfulness for Mums and Dads provides background information about how our minds work, explaining why we are predisposed to focus on the negative aspects of our lives, and how this evolutionary legacy – which ensured the survival of our ancestors – has left us more vulnerable to stress in modern society. Dr Diana Korevaar explains how mindfulness training strengthens our capacity to concentrate, pay attention and direct the focus of our awareness in ways that we choose, and explores ways to bring mindfulness into our daily lives and relationships. Pregnancy and childbirth are times when parents, both men and women, can feel particularly vulnerable to emotional disorders and in Mindfulness for Mums and Dads, Dr Diana Korevaar conveys stories of patients who used her techniques to heal themselves and their families, revealing that sometimes we all need to take the time to be present and reflect on the positive things in our lives. 


Hippie Lane: The Cookbook by Taline Gabrielien

Founder of the website Hippie Lane and passionate about food and family, Taline uses whole, unprocessed, organic ingredients to produce mouth-watering recipes packed with a powerhouse of goodness that go beyond tackling a sweet fix. Here are breakfasts, energy-giving lunches, dinners, snacks, power salads, tangy dressings, Buddha bowls, nourish bowls and sweet treats - that are plant-based, vegan and free of gluten, genetically modified ingredients and refined sugar.

But don’t go thinking that just because the recipes are plant-based that they are lacking on flavour. Breakfasts include tasty recipes like Crunchy cacao & macadamia clusters and Peanut butter acai bowl with RAWnola; lunch has options like Roasted cinnamon pumpkin soup and Summery avo & mango salad in iceberg cups for lunch; and dinner has colourful dishes like Stuffed peppers and Classic tomato spaghetti. Taline also includes inspiration for sweet treats and snack foods, from Chilli bean nachos to Peanut snack bars and Chocolate caramel swirl ice cream so you’ll never go without when you fancy treating yourself.

Using the simplest kitchen equipment and ensuring that all of her recipes are tried and tested to perfection,  Taline’s recipes taste divine without compromising on nutrition.

Click here for sample recipes from Hippie Lane: The Cookbook


Cook with Love by Pete Evans

Cook with Love brings together 150 of Pete Evans's favourite recipes from a lifelong love affair with food. This beautifully designed volume features chapters devoted to breakfast, lazy lunches, family feasts, the barbecue, seafood and more. Like all Pete's dishes, the recipes are simple, unfussy and utterly delicious with plenty of tips for novice and experienced cooks alike.


Salads All Year Round by Makkie Mulder

A salad should never just consist of cos lettuce and some thrown in cucumber and tomatoes. A true salad is versatile; it can include vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, fruit or grains, as well as a delicious homemade dressing.

Compiled by the editor of the Dutch delicious. magazine, Makkie Mulder presents 100 fresh, clean and bright salad recipes from the delicious. archive to move your salads from an ignored side dish to centre stage. These salads have all been tried and tested in the delicious kitchen and the recipes sourced from established chef’s and up-and-coming talent in the food world, so you can rely on them to taste great and work according to the recipe. Before you start your salad, Makkie offers her best tips and tricks on how to take your salad to the next level, from how to keep your salad fresh to using the best dressing recipes. Rustle up a Roasted asparagus and pistachio salad with Lemon and thyme dressing in Makkie’s ‘Vegetables’ chapter; fill yourself up with a Pearl couscous, tomato and ricotta salad with pomegranate dressing in ‘Grains’; embrace the protein in ‘Poultry and meat’ with winner recipes like Witlof apple and slow-smoked duck salad; and mix up your sides with delicious breads like Garlic and cheese bread and Basil and lemon bread.

The recipes in Salads All Year Round are quick to put together, healthy and filling so you definitely won’t be left hungry.

Click here for recipes from Salads All Year Round

The Little Japanese Cookbook

More than 80 recipes, including the street food, seafood specialities and festival foods of Japan.

The Little Japanese Cookbook explores the traditions of Japanese food, a cuisine noted for the simplicity and harmony of its flavours and the beauty of its presentation - from the food itself to the dishes in which it is served. Includes more than 80 recipes for a range of Japanese food, including street food, seafood specialities and festival foods, as well as special features on food traditions such as sushi, tea and noodles.