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 We've got some goodies this April that are definitely going to be influencing your lifestyle. Get down and dirty with our gardening titles House and Garden at Glenmore and The Bee Friendly Garden; eat your way through All Day Cafe, Craving and A Whole New Way to Eat; and get stacking your burger buns with the paperback of Hamburger Gourmet. 

All Day Cafe: Cafe-style food to make at home
by Stuart McKenzie

Based on the theme of easy and sharable home food, All Day Cafe is a blend of food and lifestyle, reflecting the casual,creative and vintage/industrial feel of a café where people gather to do everything from meet, eat, talk and relax.

Revolving around the seasons, Stuart's recipes are bursting with fresh fruits, vegetables and salads for Spring and Summer, and packed full of warming soups, risottos and creamy porridges in Autumn and Winter. Choose from breakfast dishes like Blueberry pancakes with nectarines and Roast mushrooms with feta and beetroot relish; munch on salads like Stuart’s Heirloom carrots with grains salad with preserved lemon yoghurt and Lamb and cous cous salad ; enjoy a lesiurely lunch with friends with a Pulled pork burger with apple slaw, Chicken and pistachio terrine and Casareccewith spring lamb; and natter over a coffee whilst enjoying mouthfuls of delicious Lemon tart.

Coupled with stunning photography, All Day Cafe is a must for anybody who enjoys relaxed and comfortable dining with recipes that make use of seasonal produce to maximise on flavour.

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The Bee Friendly Garden by Doug Purdie

Bees are vital to our ecosystem as our most important pollinators, but they are in decline the world over. They love to live in city environments, where it’s a short flight path from one type of plant to the next, but with increasing urban growth and a preference for gardens favouring lawns and pesticides over flowers and fruit trees, we are scaring these important insects away.

The Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners to encourage bees and other beneficial insects like Monarch butterflies and ladybirds into your green space. Full of ideas for gardens of all sizes, it includes a comprehensive plant guide to bee friendly plants, as well as companion planting advice and recommendations on natural pest control. Learn how bees forage, why your garden needs them, and implement simple changes anybody can make. So whether you just have space for a few pots of fresh thyme, rosemary and borage in your courtyard; you want to fill your flower beds with some classic lavender bushes and nasturtiums; or you fancy a change by creating a vegetable patch, The Bee Friendly Garden will help you to attract bees to and improve your gardening skills at the same time.

The Bee Friendly Garden is a simple guide to help all of us to save bees one garden at a time.


Craving: Eating well throughout your pregnancy by Sandra Mahut

There are so many do’s and don'ts when it comes to pregnancy that at first it can seem incredibly confusing and overwhelming – there’s so much to remember. This is particularly true when it comes to eating – don’t eat fish high in mercury, stay away from certain cheese’s but make sure you’re eating enough foods rich in calcium, don’t consume a lot of caffeine… the list can be endless. 

Designed to prevent you from fretting and obsessing over food, Sandra Mahut’s Craving: How to eat well throughout your pregnancy provides a wealth of information as to what you can and can’t eat whilst your pregnant, as well as providing delicious, nutritious and pregnant-friendly recipes that will help to satisfy all of your cravings without you having to worry that it could be harmful to you and the baby. Split into trimesters Sandra’s recipes are tailored for different stages of pregnancy. In your first trimester, tackle morning sickness with Sandra’s Anti-nausea Breakfast of Ginger yoghurt with cardamom and honey and face your fatigue head-on with a snack of Pear, Apple or Lemon compote with a Ginger and lemon tea. In your second trimester feed your appetite, fuel your sudden energy burst and consume plenty of calcium and vitamins with dishes like Salmon teriyaki with roasted sweet potatoes, Almond muffins with dried apricots and Banana milk.  And in your third trimester enjoy pro-digestion recipes like Crumbed haddock with herbs, cherry tomatoes and steamed courgette. There’s even a whole chapter dedicated to cravings so you can indulge on foods like Chocolate fondant cake, Chicken burger with parmesan and yoghurt sauce and Mushroom, mozzarella and kale pizza without feeling guilty. 

Packed full of tips for tricky situations, advice on recommended intakes, adopting good habits and debunking myths, Craving is the go-to guide for future mums. 

Click here for recipes from Craving


Hamburger Gourmet by Elodie Rambaud, David Japy and Victor Garnier

In celebration of the burger, this delicious collection of recipes takes the humble food to towering new heights.

From Victor Garnier and the team at blend hamburger, the Parisian restaurant that has taken this humble food to towering new heights, this collection of delicious recipes celebrates the burger. Reflecting the continuing trend for burgers of every type and description, Hamburger Gourmet takes you from the beautiful simplicity of a classic beef burger to burgers made of everything from chicken to quinoa, along with blendies, delicious American sweets with a French twist. With separate instructions on buns, sauces and accompaniments, these 58 recipes will give even the biggest burger-lover new ideas for surprising twists on old favourites.


House and Garden at Glenmore by Mickey Roberston

An inspiring journey of restoration and renewal, shaped by a strong relationship with nature and the seasons, to create a unique home and working kitchen garden.

Twenty-five years ago, Mickey Robertson and her husband made an impulsive decision to purchase a collection of historic but dilapidated Georgian farm buildings in the Australian countryside. Thus began an unplanned, intensely emotional journey, traced in this richly illustrated book through a warmly engaging narrative and inspirational images. The natural world and the seasons are an integral part of Mickey's home and life, and she explores the links between them as she recounts the story of the creation of her home and garden. The House and Garden at Glenmoreexemplifies Mickey’s philosophy that colour, texture, representation, sentiment, memory and emotion each play a role in creating a home. Today the rooms are filled with the stories of her family's lives, of things gathered and of inspiration, while the colours, textures and vistas of her outstanding garden play a significant role within each room of the house.

In addition to the ornamental garden that surrounds the house, Mickey has built a working, organic kitchen garden which is never dormant. In this book she provides 30 seasonally based recipes inspired by the abundance and freshness of her home-grown produce. These are her staple recipes, fuss free and easy to prepare, making the produce the star ingredient. Organised by season, the recipes range from fresh spring dishes such as Fennel and Lemon Risotto, to light summer meals like Zucchini and Prosciutto Pastries, to warming autumnal fare such as Au Pair’s Apple Cake and comforting dishes for winter like Jerusalem Artichoke Soup. Mickey’s journey is an inspiration for anyone who wants to let nature into their home, whether through interior design, or through the kitchen.


A Whole New Way to Eat by Vladia Cobrdova

Vladia Cobrdova’s food philosophy focuses on the importance of using the best possible natural ingredients, free from chemicals, in tune with the balance of your body and with the seasons. The recipes in A Whole New Way to Eat are the culmination of years of knowledge working as a recipe developer for the cafes at the Australian wholefood stores About Life, combining ingredients to create the perfect balance of health, nutrition and taste.

Covering breakfast, drinks, dips & spreads, salads, soups, lunch, dinner, snacks and sweets A Whole New Way to Eat has every realm of eating and drinking covered to get you through the week and introducing a diverse range of foods into your diet. Breakfast inspiration comes in the form of recipes like Kohlrabi and sweet potato rostiwith maple bacon and lime avocado paired with a Salted almond butter smoothie and Chia and date porridge; lunch comes with recipes like Crispy coconut chicken; and main meal ideas include dishes of Lamb-stuffed aubergine with lemon & white bean tahini mash and Seafood and black rice paella. There’s even sweet treats and snacks to keep you going, from Hazelnut and ginger chocolate fudge bark to Carrot & zucchini cake with ricotta frosting.

With inspirational recipes that are suitable for vegans, paleo and vegetarians, A Whole New Way to Eat ensures that everyone is welcome at the table with truly delicious food that just happens to be good for you.

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