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October takes us to the neighbourhoods of Istanbul and its array of delicious cuisine from mezes and pide to Milk puddings and moreish Baklava. Back at home, we also have The Dinner Ladies and their delicious, practical recipes that allow you to cook now and eat later, so your freezer is always full of nutritious meals that you can pull out at a moments notice. We also have Darren Palmer's interiors book HomeSpace - the answer to all of your questions when it comes to current and future home design challenges.


Istanbul Cult Recipes by Pomme Larmoyer 
Turkish cuisine is as richly diverse as the country itself, which brings together the influences of Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Istanbul shares with its residents and visitors alike a great love affair with food. Almost every dish has its own neighbourhood, and a best address at which to enjoy it, which makes for a long list of places to stop for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, or a snack. 

Pomme Larmoyer’s Istanbul Cult Recipes is a compilation of tasty recipes from Istanbul cuisine and recommendations of where to go and eat when you visit. Split into chapters entitled At the Kahvaltı Salonu (breakfast); The Meyhanetable (meze and fish); Lokanta, köfteci and kebabci (soups, meats and rice); At home (family recipes); Street Food; and Turkish Delights (sweet things), there are plenty of incredibly delicious dishes to give you a taste of Istanbul. Lunch on a meze of Chickpea pockets, Mussel pilaki and Samphire salad with almonds; dine on Sauteed lamb with smoky eggplant or Spicy mutton kebabs; enjoy Istanbul street food like Pide and Islak burger; and indulge your Turkish sweet tooth with Baklava, Vanilla milk pudding and Pistachio kadayif.

Each chapter also features a region of Istanbul so you know exactly where to eat when you’re wandering the streets. In Karaköy visit Namli Gurme for an endless breakfast on Sunday afternoon; in Fatih head towards the Egyptian Bazaar and get lost amidst the saffron, pepper and paprika; pop into Aytekin Erol in and revel in the different flavours and colours of Turkish delight; and in the district of Ortaköy don’t miss the opportunity to visit the street dedicated to kumpir, potatoes stuffed with everything you could want. 

Part recipe book and part travel guide, Istanbul Cult Recipes offers an immersive experience of food, culture and place. 

Click here for sample recipes from Istanbul Cult Recipes

The Dinner Ladies by Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood
The evening, when time and patience are at their shortest, can be the worst part of the day to have to throw a meal together. The solution is a repertoire of reliable dinners that can be made ahead of time, to stock in the fridge or freezer. It might be on the weekend, it could be late at night or in the morning when the baby’s asleep. If you can find half an hour a couple of times a week, you can prepare a few dishes and stick them in the fridge or freezer – then, every time you pull out one of your delicious, homemade dinners you will congratulate yourself on your foresight and wow everyone you know with your efficiency. After all, it takes just as long to make one curry as three, it’s as quick to measure out a tablespoon of spice as a teaspoon, and a few pounds of meat cooks in the same time as one. 

The Dinner Ladies contains 170 recipes to cook now and eat later. Real-food, crowd-pleasing favourites such as spiced slow-cooked lamb shanks or Madras beef curry; veggie-focused 'thinner dinners' such as chickpea burgers or spinach filo pie; and homely desserts such as apricot, raspberry and coconut crumble or vanilla-scented rice pudding.

Click here for sample recipes from The Dinner Ladies

HomeSpace by Darren Palmer
Everybody’s home is different and unique, adapted to suit the needs of its occupants. In this innovative and inspiring book, Darren Palmer addresses the everyday home owner by showcasing a wide selection of his family home projects, showing the ways in which different families have tailored various interior design elements -- storage, lighting, furniture, materials, larger and smaller spaces -- to reflect their daily lives.

Whether you’re a single parent with one child, a married couple with kids, an older working couple with grown children and grandchildren, or a middle-aged couple with no kids and no pets– HomeSpace acknowledges that everybody’s lives have different demands, and this is reflected most significantly through the spaces that we live in. Every family group will have a different set of needs and challenges; the associated constraints, requirements and solutions resulting in specially tailored spaces that are as individual as the people living within them. Home Space is an engaging and informative book that is full of stunning, inspirational photography, practical solutions and information. Discover how five different methods of making the bed can completely change your room, get inspired with a range of vibrant bedrooms for younger members of the family, read how one room is given four brand new looks through different soft furnishings, artwork and décor items, and find out how to choose the perfect rug to compliment your space.

HomeSpace is the answer to all of your questions when it comes to current and future home design challenges.