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It's all about al-fresco Mediterranean dining, chocolatey-goodness and jams, chutneys, relishes and syrups for Murdoch Books this August. All available from 11th August.


Easy Mediterranean by Sue Quinn
The traditional Mediterranean way of eating is widely recognised as the healthiest approach to food in the world. Eating Mediterranean involves falling into the rhythm of the seasons and eating the freshest produce possible, when it’s at its very best. It means filling your shopping basket with yoghurt, cheese, olive oil, fruit, leafy greens, nuts, seafood, whole grains and pulses and enjoying these foods with friends and family. 

In Easy Mediterranean, Sue Quinn adopts the Mediterranean way of eating with 100 delicious light, bright and delicious Mediterranean-influenced dishes that are easy to prepare and share. Whilst cookery writers such as Anna Del Conte, Claudia Roden and Yotam Ottolenghi have each explored the traditional cuisines of their individual homelands, Easy Mediterranean pulls together the best of the whole region. Sue Quinn combines the flavours and ingredients of the vibrant countries that hug the Mediterranean Sea, to create fresh and contemporary dishes for every day. Start your day with a breakfast of Figs, creamed feta and lavender honey on toast; share plates of Chunky fennel and radish tzatziki, Flatbreads with zucchini blossoms and ricotta and Koftas with sour cherries and tahini dressing with friends and family; lunch on Warming wheat grain and pomegranate soup and Peach, shaved asparagus and lardo salad; dine on Sticky chicken with ouzo, olives and charred lemon or Spaghetti with red witlof, bacon and garlic crumbs; and enjoy desserts of Raspberry focaccia and Peach and rosemary galette with an almond crust.

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Not Just Jam by Matthew Evans
A kitchen groaning with full jars is the sign of a future well catered for. Gourmet farmer Matthew Evan’s new book is an ode to the surplus of the seasons -- a collection of more than 90 modern recipes for old-fashioned cooking methods. Not just for those who grow their own fruit and vegetables, Not Just Jam is also for the home cook who wants their dishes to resonate with the unparalleled flavour of freshly grown produce. And the best part is that it’s easy. Matthew’s recipes show that anyone can Pickle onions to use all year or make Pear and cardamom jam to brighten morning toast. Lunch can be made all the better by spicing up your bacon sandwich with some Wholegrain apple cider mustard and some Real brown sauce, washed down with Raspberry & peach cordial. Not Just Jam also extends to dessert; drizzle your ice-cream with Gooseberry and sour cherry syrup crafted in your own kitchen, or pour delicious Apple syrup over freshly made pancakes.

Not Just Jam is all about making the most of fresh produce, making real food from scratch and feeling great about what you feed your household.

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Chocolate by Kirsten Tibballs
Chocolate pecan biscuits, White coconut truffles, Orange and hazelnut chocolate bar, Chocolate date meringue cake, Hot chocolate tart, Chocolate truffle squares, Coffee milk chocolate cake, White chocolate and chai latte brulee… Are you in chocolate heaven yet? Yup, we thought so, and the good news is you can learn to make these delicious chocolatey good recipes and more in leading chocolatier Kristen Tibball’s book Chocolate.

Chocolate is cooking with chocolate for the home cook: luscious, decadent recipes that are both classic and contemporary. Kirsten Tibballs, dubbed the 'queen of chocolate' runs a school for home cooks who aspire to master the delicate arts of chocolate and patisserie. Her years of experience as a leading chocolatier and a teacher make her perfectly placed to bring together this stunning collection of recipes for all those with a sweet tooth and a desire to impress friends and family with thoroughly indulgent, chocolate-based creations. Chocolate is always the hero ingredient and each recipe is graded for difficulty: easy, medium and tricky. Kirsten carefully maps each stage of the process with step-by-step instruction and accompanying photography so you feel as if you are being hand-held from start to finish. From the ultimate recipe for brownies or chocolate chip cookies to coconut, raspberry and chocolate tarts, caramel chocolate mousse cake, chocolate crème brulee, milk chocolate honey truffles -- this is chocolate at its luscious, gorgeous best.

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