June titles for Murdoch Books

This month is all about how to feed the kids, visiting the past with retro foods and eating right for your shape... Take a look at the wonderful books we have publishing this month.

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Eat Right for Your Shape by Lee Holmes

In her latest book in the Supercharged series, Lee Holmes presents what we’ve all been waiting for: how to eat right for your body shape. In Ayurvedic practice, identifying your unique body type, or ‘dosha’, and keeping it in balance is the key to maintaining your weight and overall health. This practical guide and cookbook will help you to achieve the ideal weight for your body type, connect with your constitutional needs and understand how to bring about harmony in your life through food, nutrition and mindfulness. An extensive introductory section to Ayurveda features tips, tables of dosha-specific foods and meal planners as well as yoga exercises illustrated with step-by-step photographs. The recipe section includes shopping lists and over 120 delicious seasonal dishes, such as Baked pumpkin, quinoa and kale, Fragrant fish stew, Butternut pumpkin curry, Carrot, mango, rocket and sunflower salad with orange dressing, Pistachio and blueberry pancakes and Pomegranate and lime cheesecake.

At-a-glance symbols indicate which dosha (body type) each recipe is suitable for, and which dishes are appropriate during intermittent fasting. Take the Ayurvedic path to good health and abundant natural energy, and achieve your ideal weight and shape. 

Click here for sample recipes from Eat Right for Your Shape

Summer on Fat Pig Farm by Matthew Evans
Bring summer to your kitchen with beautiful seasonal recipes from Matthew Evans new book Summer on Fat Pig Farm. Summer is the season of surplus, a time when the sun is high and the cooking is easy. Dig in to indulgent waffles with salty butterscotch pears. Enjoy a rustic farm meal of cider chicken or zucchini and buffalo mozzarella lasagne, while sipping white peach and mint sangria. Finish with vanilla-poached nectarines or raspberry cake drizzled with elderflower syrup.

Click here for sample recipes from Summer on Fat Pig Farm

Baby Pip Eats by Aime Harper
You only have one chance to introduce your little one to food. In Baby Pip Eats, nutritionist, seasoned recipe developer and stylist Amie Harper transforms what is essentially a basic need into a vibrant learning experience for both you and your little one. With a dish for every letter of the alphabet, these recipes are both fun and nutritious. For example, rustle up Egg French toast, Kitty cauliflower patties and avocado bites, Woof potato pancakes, Broccoli au Gratin and Beef & mushroom ragu with pasta. Each recipe lists its nutritional benefits, for example whether it’s high in vitamins, carbohydrates, protein or calcium, what age the dish is suitable for, and how many parents/family members it also feeds.

Baby Pip Eats is a must-have book for parents wanting an easier and more nutritious feeding time.

Click here for sample recipes from Baby Pip Eats


Supercharged Food for Kids by Lee Holmes

Health guru Lee Holmes new book aims to establish positive eating habits for your kids with delicious child-friendly recipes for the home kitchen.

Supercharged Food for Kids will inspire you to create fresh, wholesome and nutrient-rich meals that your children will enjoy again and again, giving them the energy and nourishment they need to thrive. You’ll find recipes here that will please even the pickiest of little eaters! With advice on how to avoid added sugar and processed foods, eating for allergies and intolerances, tips for busy families and even the lowdown on how to sneak superfoods into everyday meals, this book is full of resources to help establish positive eating habits for your kids that they can maintain for the rest of their lives. Supercharged Food for Kids features old favourites such as pizza, nuggets, pasta and desserts reinvented using fresh, healthy ingredients, plus ideas for yummy snacks and school lunches that kids will actually want to eat. Think Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, Cacao Bomb Crackles, Cheesy Mini Tartlets, Crunchy Chicken Drummers, Watermelon Icy Poles and Savoury Breakfast Muffins, just for starters.

Click here for sample recipes from Supercharged Food for Kids

Milkbar Memories by Jane Lawson
Retro in style and theme, but very much a contemporary cookbook in its approach, Milkbar Memories is Jane Lawson’s ode to wonderful old-fashioned treats connected with her 1970s childhood. Food strongly associated with memories of simpler times: juicy burgers and the maltiest of milkshakes; golden fish and chips; flaky-pastry meat pies and sausage rolls; vanilla slice and custard tarts. These ‘fun foods’—120 in total—are all made from scratch with real, healthy ingredients for a 21st century audience. Readers can shake it up in Lawson’s ‘Milkbar’ chapter with a Salted caramel or Chocolate hazelnut milkshake; get ice cream cone creative with Ginger spice cones, Nutty cones and Choc dip cones in the ‘Ice Cream Cabinet’; learn to make Nut brittle, Caramel buds and Liquorice twists in the ‘Lolly Shop’; take a trip to the pie shop with Cornish pasties, Beef burgundy pie and custard tarts; and munch away on Golden battered fish, Battered savs and Prawn cutlets from the ‘Fish and Chip Shop’.

A fascinating part-social history part-cookbook, Milkbar Memories will transport you back to delicious food from much simpler times.

Click here for sample recipes from Milkbar Memories


Seasons to Share by Jacqueline Alwill
In Seasons to Share, author and nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill presents over 130 unfussy, versatile recipes collected into sixteen seasonal menus that are designed to make the home cook fall in love with cooking deliciously and nutritiously, whilst at the same time giving them the confidence to extend their cooking to friends and family as part of styled occasions. 

Chapters for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter feature delicious, wholefood seasonal dishes that can also be eaten as individual meals. Each chapter comprise a variety of themed menus; in Winter, enjoy a country-style lunch of Chicken and leek pie with a cauliflower crust and a Date night with Stuffed roasted chicken Maryland‘s on carrot and thyme puree followed by Sticky date puddings; in Autumn, host a dinner party with Kingfish ceviche with lemon, ginger and cucumber entrees and enjoy a warming brunch the following morning with Baked eggs with spinach and labneh and a slice of Pumpkin, carrot and herb loaf; in Summer, barbecue Rare roast beef with slow-roasted baby roma tomatoes and cook up a family lunch of Slow-cooked lamb shoulder with caper jus and a side of Asparagus with Dijon-spiked yoghurt; and finally, in Spring, picnic on Besan tarts with tomato, goat’s cheese and mint, sate your sweet tooth with Maple spelt cupcakes, and wash everything down with a Pomegranate, orange and mint spritzer.

Packaged in a stylish contemporary design and featuring evocative food and lifestyle photography, Seasons to Share shows us how cooking nutritiously can be a part of everyday life and how eating healthy wholefoods need not fall apart as soon as we’re faced with an occasion.

Click here for sample recipes from Seasons to Share


Cake Decorating Step by Step by Giovanna Torrico
London-based author Giovanna Torrico provides everything you need to know in order to create beautiful, stylish and fun cakes in her gorgeous book Cake Decorating Step by Step.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced baker, Cake Decorating Step by Step is designed to provide you with all the baking and decorating techniques you’ll need to become a creative cake, cupcake and cookie making pro. With easy-to-follow directions, advice about essential tools and reliable recipes, this lovely volume guides you through the planning and preparation stages in baking, including tips for how to layer, ice and stack a cake.

With step-by-step photography, Giovanna teaches the reader how to create personalised masterpieces for all occasions. From show-stopping cake projects, such as Vanilla cake with strawberry ganache and Ombre cake, to handcrafted sugar flowers (peonies, poppies and daffodils) and animals (bumblebees, ladybirds, dogs), Giovanna provides everything you need to cake decorate confidently and, most importantly, to make delicious creations perfectly, every time.