Food & drink

Three Veg and Meat

Olivia Andrews

Sales price: £17.99
Tax amount: £1.64

The failsafe family-friendly meal plan that makes veg the hero, for those scaling back but not cutting out meat altogether.

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Kyra de Vreeze

Sales price: £12.99
Tax amount: £1.18

Indulgent, healthy recipes from a naturopath's kitchen.

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Vegan Intermittent Fasting

Dr Petra Bracht and Mira Flatt

Sales price: £16.99
Tax amount: £1.54

The definitive (and first!) vegan guide to intermittent fasting for weight loss and improved health-with over 80 plant-powered recipes to keep you fuller longer.

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Weekend BBQ

Ross Dobson

Sales price: £9.99
Tax amount: £0.91

Who doesn't love a barbecue, with the tantalizing aroma of meat sizzling over heat - it's the perfect way to gather friends together and to celebrate cooking and eating outdoors.

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Wholefood for Children

Jude Blereau

Sales price: £17.99
Tax amount: £1.64

Nutritious wholefood recipes specifically for babies and toddlers, developed by Australia's most authoritative wholefood advocate.

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