Cooking with Beer

Paul Mercurio

Format: Paperback


If there's a liquid in a recipe, it might as well be beer! Includes notes on which beers go well with which dishes, both as an ingredient and to drink with them, as well as detailed, clearly explained methods in a friendly, approachable tone.

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Slow Food

Jared Ingersoll

Format: Paperback


Chef Jared Ingersoll believes a great meal begins with sourcing the very best of local, seasonal produce.

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The Slow Cooking Bible

Murdoch Books Test Kitchen

Format: Paperback


A huge collection of warming recipes to be cooked slowly, whether in a slow cooker, in a casserole pot on the stove, or in the oven.

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Winter on the Farm

Matthew Evans


Hearty recipes for the cooler months using beautiful fresh produce from the farm.

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Indochine: The Collection

Luke Nguyen

Format: Hard Cover


Bestselling chef Luke Nguyen explores the influence of the French on the food and culture of Vietnam in this sumptuous, richly photographed cookbook.

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