About Murdoch Books

We are a proudly independent, market-leading lifestyle publisher committed to sharing new conversations and fresh ideas for living life well.

Established by Murdoch Magazines in the early 1990s, Murdoch Books quickly gained an international reputation for quality, striking a unique chord with our combination of trail-blazing design and innovative content. In 2012 Allen & Unwin acquired Murdoch Books – a perfect match of independent spirit and proven creativity.

We pride ourselves on having our finger on the pulse, staying ahead of emerging trends and being creative, brave, energetic and collaborative.

We partner with inspiring, talented and energising authors and love to share our Australian spirit and way of life with the world. Our global publishing operation, extensive network of international partners across more than 20 languages, and fresh marketing and communications approach means we are uniquely positioned to do so.

Our head office is located in Sydney, while our international sales and rights are managed by our London team.

We publish books in the following categories:

• At the table
• Healthy body, healthy mind
• Conversation starters
• New ways of living.

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Key personnel


Clive Kintoff – Sales & Marketing Director Murdoch UK
John Sprinks – Finance Director Murdoch UK
Jemma Crocker – Senior Marketing and Communications Manager
Britta Martins-Simon - Head of Rights
Gemma Davis - Head of International Sales
Patrick Hunter - UK Key Account Manager
Nicola Garrison - Sales and Marketing Executive